August 08, 2008

Thunder Over Michigan

Thunder Over Michigan is this weekend!

It's an airshow at Willow Run Airport, the airport built by Henry Ford to test and fly out the bombers that were built at the plant attached to the airport, Willow Run is now a private flight and cargo airport.

They also have the Yankee Air Museum on site, featuring a whole bunch of old aircraft. There was a huge fire there several years ago and they lost quite a few aircraft but did manage to save some.

Last year the Blue Angles were at the airshow, this year they are not. Since I live 4 miles as the crow flys from the airport the Blue Angles, while doing their shows and practice, would fly right over the house and pretty low I might add.

Pictures from last year, I have many but all were taken by just sitting in my backyard.


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I might be a little biased, but nobody is better than the Blues!

Posted by: Navy CPO at August 8, 2008 10:07 AM