June 20, 2008

Just In Time

I see the war funding bill was passed and unemployment benefits have been given a 13 week extension within the bill.

Woo Hoo [/scarcasm]

Just in time for next weeks layoff.

Now I can sit on my ass for 39 weeks before finding a job. [/scarcasm]

Congressional leaders and the White House struck a deal Thursday to extend unemployment benefits by 13 weeks, a compromise that will pump cash into the economy and particularly help Michiganders struggling to stay ahead in a state with the nation's highest jobless rate.

Of course people are complaining that the additional 13 weeks for the worst states (on top of the additional 13 weeks just passed) didn't pass.

Guess they havn't heard of a gift horse.

So if you exhaust your original unemployment benefits between November 06 and March 09 you are eligable for the extension.

I don't understand the back to Nov 06 though, as a benefit year is 12 months, once your 12 months is up you can reapply for benefits again. So those that exhausted their benefits in Nov 06 - June 06 are already able to apply for umemployment benefits again.

Unemployment does help some people, but I still say quite a few won't look for work until they have to. I think they should throw some community service work needed each week to keep unemployment going, I mean they have some extra time on their hands.

Michigan is just so screwed ...

Michigan reported a jobless rate for May of 8.5%, a big increase from the 6.9% in April -- already the nation's highest.

I already changed my resume to visible on Monster last week and haven't gotten one call or email. When it was visible before I would get at least a couple calls/emails per week from headhunters, agencies, etc.

Of course if I dropped my salary another $5000 it wouldn't take to long to get a job. It would be the same salary I was making 8 years ago. Talk about a crushing blow.

Employeers are taking advantage of the unemployment problems in Michigan and forcing salaries down by large amounts.

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