June 06, 2008

Ford To Cut 15% Of Salary Workforce

Since it's in the newspapers I can talk about this now.

We received the memo first thing yesterday morning, it was not a pleasant day.

Ford Motor Co. salaried employees got the confirmation they dreaded Thursday, as the company formally announced that it will cut salaried-related costs in North America by 15 percent by Aug. 1.

But really, most of the bad news isn't directed towards actually Ford employees.

"Our plan is to reduce salary-related costs (by 15 percent)," he said, explaining that the goal could be met by eliminating contract workers and open positions, as well as through layoffs.

Contract workers are taking it up the ass as usual. Contract workers will get the boot without even a "nice working with ya" while the Ford employees will get severance pay and job-placement assistance.

And people wonder why I hate working as a contract employee.

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