May 05, 2008

Obama's Losing, So He Must Beat-up Someone

Since Obama is losing his pants right now, he feels he must make him-self feel big by beating on someone while they are down.

Sen. Barack Obama defended his opposition to a temporary break from the federal gas tax Sunday and put part of the blame for the nation's dependence on imported oil on the domestic auto industry(emphasis mine)

Obama has always made it clear that he absolutely hates the domestic automotive industry. I wonder if he knows that the Japanese make SUV's and Trucks also?

"Government can help, but the automakers have to make some changes," Obama said Sunday. "And I didn't just say that in front of environmental groups, I went to Detroit and said that in front of the automakers. That's the kind of truth-telling we need from the next president."

Obama thinks he has the biggest balls in the world because he "said it in front of the automakers"

Did he think they would get up on stage and beat him up? He is so tough because he did it in Detroit?

Detroit it building the vehicles people are buying, they are not building SUV's and Trucks and forcing people to buy them. Guess Obama thinks that "Detroit" is forcing people to buy them.

Obama better watch if he ever decides to come to Detroit and say that shit in front of workers, they just might beat him up.

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See there's this thing called Supply & Demand. If we wanted shitty little cars we'd buy them. Instead we're buying these SUV's because they're safer, have more room and are more comfortable to drive.

Posted by: Navy CPO at May 5, 2008 10:09 AM