April 29, 2008

Media Hoping on Kerkorian Bandwagon

All over the news yesterday was reports of Kirk Kerkorian buying up massage amounts of Ford stock.
Kerkorian is known for buying up auto stocks and then trying to take over the company.

So the media is all in a frenzy about Kerkorian eventually trying to take over Ford.

If they did just a little research they would have found that it will be nearly impossible for that to happen

Henry Ford's heirs own 4 percent of the company, but their 70.9 million super-voting Class B shares give them 40 percent of the voting rights.

The Ford family heirs always vote in unison.

Their controlling interest in Ford would make it difficult -- if not impossible -- for Kerkorian and York to affect any change without the family's consent.

So all you media people can go back into your holes, Ford will not be taken over by some 90 year old auto executive wanna be.

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Ok that should be massive amount of Ford stock not massage.

Hello Freud?

Posted by: Quality Weenie at April 29, 2008 08:21 AM