February 15, 2008

Cross The River

Here is sort of a brain teaser game (it's in Chinese) ... the object is to get everyone across the river.
Click on the large blue circle to start, click the people to get on and off the raft, click the red poles to move the raft.

The are rules are:

1. Everybody has to cross the river.
2 Maximum 2 persons on the raft at a time
3 The father can not stay with any of the daughters without the mother.
4 The mother can not stay with any of the sons without the father.
5 The thief (red head in striped shirt) can not stay with any family member if the Policeman is not there.
6 Only the Father, the Mother and the Policeman know how to operate raft

Posted by Quality Weenie at February 15, 2008 12:47 PM | TrackBack

I got this at work a while ago. I still can't figure it out.

Posted by: Navy CPO at February 15, 2008 07:00 PM

Thank you Navy CPO, I was begining to feel like an idiot for not being able to figure this thing out.

At least now I know I'm not the only one.

Posted by: Lee Ann at February 17, 2008 09:29 AM

Sometimes you have to bring people back across the river.

Posted by: Mrs. Who at February 17, 2008 11:19 PM