January 10, 2008

UM Grads To Be Demoralized

By having to graduate from EMU stadium in the spring.

The Big House or University of Michigan Football stadium, the traditional graduation cermony site for spring graduates is under construction right now and will not be avilable for spring ceramonies.

So Eastern Michigan University, just 5 miles down the road from UM has offered up their stadium for graduation cermonies. (Because UM doesn't have any place else to hold that many people).

Reaction of soon to be graduates?

True maize-and-blue University of Michigan men and women are white-hot with anger over a plan to move their graduation from Michigan Stadium -- to Eastern Michigan University's football stadium, of all places.

Of All Places?

Hey Robin Erb of the Detroit Free Press ...

You can kiss my ever loving, green and white, EMU 3 degree graduate, fat white ass.

Students planned meetings and a protest to try to force university officials to reconsider.

"After years of living and loving Michigan, it is an insult to deny us our graduation at the Big House," wrote a blogger at bighouse08.blogspot.com, a Web site that sprang up overnight.

"I don't even want to go," said Conley, 21, an Ann Arbor native. "It's completely lost its importance.

Adding insult to injury, EMU's colors are green and white, the colors of U-M's biggest instate rival, MSU, the "two colors I have been taught to detest since birth," Conley said. "You can't throw us in a stadium with those colors."

At least a half-dozen Facebook.com groups protesting the EMU location formed within 24 hours of the announcement and attracted nearly 3,000 members by Wednesday evening.

U-M senior Juhi Aggarwal, who was shocked and dismayed by the change, formed a Weblog and is coordinating a campuswide gathering. Signs of protest have popped up on campus, including one reading: "If I had wanted to graduate from EMU I would have gone there!"

Can you say whiney babies?

And what do EMU students think? I think this sums it up nicely ...

EMU student Jamie Fix finds it ironic that U-M -- which she thinks often has an attitude of superiority -- has turned to EMU for help. "It's really funny they are coming to us,"


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I think the Shoe's available that day. Would that kiss it and make it better?

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