January 10, 2008

Ford Goes To The Dogs

And is damn proud of it!

DogCatRadio.com has named Ford Motor Company as the Pet Friendliest Automaker for 2008!

DogCatRadio.com (DCR) gave Ford the nodding dog for its "wide range of models that offer safety, comfort and easy entry access for pets." As part of its evaluative process, DCR analyzed an undetermined number of vehicles' economy, price and "creature comforts."

I sure would have liked to see their evaluators at work, wonder if they got to sniff the rears of the vehicles they tested?

The Ford Taurus X, (ed note: the vehicle formally known as the Freestyle) in particular, was singled out as being the best transporter.

Hey the Doggie Mobile of the Year!

I know when we were looking for my new lease in 2006 we kept the puppers in mind. And guess what, we ended up with the Doggie Mobile of the Year. The puppers must like it because they are always sniffing it's rear in the garage and slobber all over the windows, which is like the puppers kiss of approval!

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturer Association (APPMA), Americans spent over $40 billion on their pets in 2007.

"Pet lovers tend to spend more than the average consumer, and that includes on the cars they drive," says Kathryn Segura, movie industry animal trainer. "As more and more families, single people and celebrities shop with their pets in mind, companies are changing the way they market their products."

Ford better take advantage of this award and produce one hell of a commerical touting the award for the Taurus X (the vehicle formally known as the Freestyle).

Posted by Quality Weenie at January 10, 2008 08:47 AM | TrackBack

When you're 1 foot nothin' there's no such thing as "easy entry access" to any vehicle! I vote they go back to puttin' wide runnin' boards on new cars.

Posted by: Harrison at January 10, 2008 10:27 PM