January 07, 2008

Read My Lips, No New Taxes

Of course my fingers are crossed behind my back - So says Michigan's Governor Jennifer "It hurts to much to raise taxes, I won't do it again, but I was really lying when I said that" Granholm.

Michigans Lying Dumocratic Gubenor said back in December that she wouldn't raise taxes again because it hurts to much.

Recently, Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed a bill Gilbert sponsored last year that will create a task force and citizen advisory committee charged with proposing alternative revenue sources to pay for the state's transportation needs.

So instead she will assign someone else to raise taxes.

Gilbert said Thursday no legislator "on either side of the aisle" is prepared to raise taxes. He then proposed two solutions that would potentially raise taxes.

Guess that 2.3 BILLION tax increase recently wasn't enough punishment to tax payers.

The state, he said, could adopt a "mileage tax" whereby each persons' mileage would be recorded at the gas pump and taxed in place of the traditional gas tax.

He also suggested the task force consider raising the sales tax one penny.

When will the goberment body of Michigan realize you can not get blood from stone. The problem is unemployment (7.4% in Michigan) and people leaving enmass is the real problem you don't have enough money. Oh and the fact that you refuse to cut spending anywhere.

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