December 20, 2007

The EU Doesn't Have Common Sense Though

The EU is planning on making it impossible for automotive manufacturers to see anything but tiney tiny cars.

Automobile manufacturers will have to limit car emissions in Europe by 2012 or face big fines, under proposals released Wednesday by the European Union.

"Passenger cars account for about 12 percent of overall EU carbon dioxide emissions and emissions from transport are continually increasing," said EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas. "The aim of the legislation is to reduce CO2 emissions from cars in order to help fight climate change."

Dimas acknowledged that the regulations could add 1,300 euros ($1,874) to the price of a car. But he said that would be offset by the 2,700 euros ($3,892) drivers would save in fuel over the lives of their cars.

That has to be the most stupid remark ever, well the vehicle will cost you a ton more but over the lifetime of you vehicle you will make up the difference by the gas you save. How long is a lifetime? The average time people keep vehicles is 5 years, will they really make up the difference in 5 years, NOT!

The proposal quickly drew fire. Environmentalists said it was too weak. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it would hurt her country's economy. And automakers, who employ 2.3 million people in the EU, said it might force them to locate elsewhere.

So your pushing a bill that is going to force companies to move out of your country and probably not beable to sell it's vehicles in your country either.

The commission's proposal would impose hefty financial penalties, phased in over several years beginning in 2012, that industry officials said they would oppose. In the case of Volkswagen AG, the penalties could total as much as 1.4 billion ($2.02 billion), roughly half the company's 2006 net income,

VW would have to pay HALF of their income to the EU for penalties for not meeting the unrealistic goals that the EU wants to set.

The environuts have gotten out of hand, they need to be stopped before we are all living in caves and hunt for our food.

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