November 23, 2007

College Football Overtime Format


It’s not a secret, being a Buckeye fan, I’d like to see LSU lose, and then welcome their coach on up to Meatchicken. My dream, is his bein’ shat upon by the sweater vest, just as his predecessor was.

The OT format, is bullshit. Why take special teams out of it. This OT format is damned near the same OT format I coached for little leaguer head bangers back in the day when ‘Neckson was bustin’ ass.

I appreciate TV time as much as the next ‘Neck. Don’t delay my Monster Truck show, or my Tractor pull dammit, but… let ‘em play the game, not 3/4’s of it to determine who wins and who loses. That’s pussified.

Now, as I’m writing this sentence LSU has lost, and they have lost TWICE this year. Will they drop to 7th after being a number one team and losing… to an unranked opponent, like say, Illinois? I’m guessin’ not. Before all you SEC lovers jump up and try to shove a banana up my tail pipe, dig up… As I’m watchin’ that game tonight, I’m seein’ trick plays, and razzle dazzle bullshit when it just was not called for. Sometimes, you get in a situation, as a team, where you just have to have the beef, as a team, and a coach, and fans, and say SUCK IT, we’re gonna knock your asses backwards, ’til we get what we want. I didn’t see any of that this afternoon ‘tween those two teams.

I know, it’s a sad fact, but, but, many of your better coaches have Ohio roots. LSU’s has Meatchicken root. You do the math. Don’t think ol’ Gator Urban wouldn’t trade places with the sweater vest… think again. Y’all’s boy Saban… Hell, do I really have to go on here. They’d have the first Greyhound bus the hell out of there if they got that op… Big 12 coaches, Stoops, Youngstown Ohio, Mangioni, yep, you guessed it, more Ohio roots. Face it (fuckers< -- that was harsh) peep's. Ohio is where football was born. If it wasn't, then ask yourself this... Why is the basketball hall of fame in New York? Then ponder a minute, and riddle me this... Why is the football hall of fame in CANTON OHIO? 'Cause that's where they are. I don't hear a peep out of anybody South of Canton sqeualin' to get the HOF in their state. Not even out of Texas, Nebraska, or Oklahoma, or Florida, Tennessee. All of the previous have some damned fine football programs. We're the got-damned Granddaddy's of the collegiate game up here in this part of the Nation.

Hop right the fuk up, and prove me wrong. I’m acquirin’ a taste for crow, so if I have to eat it, just don’t burn it damnit. And don’t forget the barbecue sauce. You got a chance now… the Rock-n-Roll hall of fame is in Cleveland, and I REFUSE to believe that’s where all that started.

Either way, the coaches, many of ‘em down and around there have Bit 10/Ohio State roots. Look it up. Bio’s, history on ‘em. I know, it sucks for you. But I will say this, muchas gracias for makin' a bunch of Buckeye raided coaches millionairs. If you ask me, as good as meatchicken recruits out of Ohio, crap, they might as well go for a DII coach ... like we did. You can't tell smart people nothin' though. They know it all. Get Les... Pluueeezzzze get Les.

I’d just like to finish this post with a got-damned big ol’ Rebel Yell….

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee ‘ freakin’ haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

Somebody lose ‘tween Kansas and Missouri(which will happen Saturday), and Oklahoma, beat whichever fuker wins that game the next week.

Then, all I need is for West - by - Got - Vagina to squeak by both of the pansies they’re left facin’.

That… ‘ought to’ do it.


Yeah, your read this crap over at my place, if you go there, but lookit'... I'm runnin' a 5 man show with one man on one foot, so... deal with it if you don't like it. Make your own bet, and get your own winter blog. Don't even ask me why I got my "Winter Blog" in Mieatchicken... I don't know, I don't ski, nor sled, nor snomobile, I just revel in seein' my team beat their ass again, and again. Damn... life is good.

Matter of fact, ... it's all that I can do to keep from goin' Conan on 'em...

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