November 13, 2007

Michigan's CommunistsDumocrats Won't Allow A Primary

Well Michigans Communist Dumocratic party just disenfranchised all of Michigans citizens by not allowing a primary.

Today, Michigans house was suppose to vote to allow a joint primary in Michigan for January 15th but they let that fall to the wayside and now it's almost impossible to get a joint primary onto the ballot due to SofS ballot deadlines.

How did this happen you ask?

The House Speaker, Andy Dillion a dumocrat, cancelled today's session and gave the house another week off (they had last week off) ensuring the vote won't happen and won't beable to get on the ballot either.

How does this effect Republicans? Due to it being a joint primary the republicans can't get on the ballot because this was a joint primary or no primary at all.

So the Dumocrats just took away all Republicans right to vote in the primary.

Michigans Attorney General, Mike Cox, is filing a emergency appeal to try and save the primary but it doesn't look promising.

Thanks to Right Michigan for bringing this to light

Detroit News article, much nicer to dumocrats

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