November 13, 2007

66% Is Impressive?

One can only imagine what the morale of workers at american automotive companies is like right now.

Ford does a Pulse survey of it's employees every year, it measures different apects of work, bosses, morale, etc.

Ford is estatic about this years morale results ...

Morale at Ford Motor Co. is higher than it has been this decade, according to the latest internal survey of employee sentiment conducted by the Dearborn automaker.

It's the highest it has been in a decade, that's 10 years. Wow it must be a high number right?

Overall, 66 percent of Ford employees in the Americas responded favorably to a battery of questions about morale -- the highest since the survey began in 1999. Last year, 53 percent responded favorably, the company said.


That's failing in terms of grades ...

I think they have nothing to cheer about.

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