November 12, 2007

Put Up Or Shut Up

Looks like Ford UAW workers will be ratifying their new contract this week.

Since the Automotive companies have finally gotten what they wanted out of the UAW it is time for them to put up or shut up.

The Big 3 have been bitching for years now that the only reason they are not successful is because the UAW workers make to much money, health insurance too much, etc.

So now we will finally find out if it really was the UAW that was dragging down the Big 3 or if it was the fact that they don't design vehicles that people want to buy.

After years of talking the talk that it needs cost concessions from the United Auto Workers to compete globally, the domestic auto industry will finally get a chance to walk the walk.

A tentative four-year contract with Ford Motor Co. appeared headed for union ratification in voting that ends Tuesday. That would make Ford the last of the domestic automakers to enter a new era of lower labor costs that should make them more competitive with Toyota, Honda and other imports stealing buyers.

The contracts are significant for domestic carmakers because money spent on wages and health care can now be pumped into new products, said David Cole, chairman of Center for Automotive Research.

Those changes, Cole said, are "the most momentous we're seen in a labor contract. Labor did its part, big time."

So now the Big 3 have to walk the walk, but I am guessing any stumbles will still be blamed on the UAW by the executives at the Big 3.

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