October 30, 2007

Michigan Recognized For Something Good

Michigan finally gets recognition for something good.

Mackinac Island is the fifth best island destination in the world, according to the new issue of National Geographic Traveler.

The magazine's asked 522 travel industry experts in sustainable tourism to evaluate 111 islands to come up with the least spoiled ones that have prevented tourism overkill.

It put Mackinac Island, the Victorian-era beauty that allows no motorized vehicles, among rareified company at for its preservation of natural beauty. It beat out even Molokai, Hawaii.

Mackinac Island is something to experience and it's true no motorzied vehicles are allowed on the Island (ok they do have an ambulance, firetruck and I think even a police car). The only way to get to the Island is by boat or plane (ok, so I guess planes could be considred motorized vehicles). Oh and by snowmobile during the winter once Lake Michigan/Huron freezes over

Plus Mackinac Island has the best Fudge in the world, hands down. (tourists are known as fudgies).

Mackinac Island also has the only road in the world that motorized vehicles have never driven on, it's known as M-185.

It's a true unspoiled beauty and must be experienced. I have been there several times, including a 2 night stay on the island during one summer vacation with Mr Weenie.

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