October 13, 2007

Maggie Communicates With An Animal Communicator

I know ya'll think I am off my rocker with my puppies, I think this just proves it.

Petco opened a new store in our town and for the Grand Opening weekend they had a animal communicator there.

We took Maggie because she has some issues (and because I am on crutches and couldn't handle one of the dogs)

The psychic said that Maggie was afraid of being abandened again (she was taken from mom at 7 weeks and her second home started to try and get rid of her only 1 month later, we got her when she was 6 months old) so she barks and barks and barks when people come into our home trying to tell them that they are not going to take her away, also why she barks and barks when we go places. She is afraid she is going to abandened again.

The psychic said Maggies love being with her brother again (Lance and Maggie are littermates) and he makes her feel very secure and Lance is the strong one of the two of them (funny, we always thought it was the other way around).

Maggie asked if we would still love her and not give her away when she was old and couldn't get around, the psychic was insistant upon us telling her that we would still love her because Maggie was insisting we answer her.

Maggie said she loves her clothes! They make her feel pretty! (I can use this as justification for making and buying her more clothes now!!!)

Maggie also said that she wanted a party for her birthday, she had always wanted one but we never had one. Maggie also wants a cake. Maggie really likes getting presents.

Maggie also said she misses me going for walks with her (I had foot pain and then surgery so I had to give up taking them for walks. I would walk her and DH would walk Lance)

Maggie also said she liked when we gave her maalox because she has upset tummies alot (her frequent gas lets us know that) and that we once gave her some sweet tasting food and it made her tummy upset more than other food we gave her and to please not give her that flavor again(we feed them Natural Balance but switch the flavors so we have to figure out which flavor is sweet, we have fish right now and before that duck and before that venison).

I also asked if Maggie has had any seizures when we were not at home (she's only had the one that we know of) and she said no, she's only had the one but was worried when we took her off the medication because it made her feel better (she was put on Pheno because she had 2 within 20 minutes of each other but the vet decided that we could take her off if she didn't have anymore, so she is off the medication now).

The final thoughts from Maggie were that she hopes she goes before Lance because she couldn't live without him (I came close to tears on that because we have always said that if one goes the other will follow shortly after from a broken heart because they are so close, they 95% of the time have to be touching each other, even when sleeping)

I know to take this with a grain of salt but alot of this made a lot of sense and of course now I am dying to take Lance over there.

Posted by Quality Weenie at October 13, 2007 11:47 AM | TrackBack

I would! Take him right over!

I don't know how they do it, but they do; my sis-in-law had one and she explained, in detail, all the dogs in the house [of which she has many].
How they inter-relate... their illnesses, their pet peeves... She was right 99% of the time.

...and since this was a year ago, she told Deb that my newly deceased baby Tess was right here with me and always would be and that my new pup -who would have a different 'job' to do for us- would be born on the 15th of the month.
Bree was born November 15th.

Spooky, eh? ;)

Posted by: pam at October 13, 2007 01:02 PM

There is more to 'life' than what is visible to the naked eye.

Although I do worry about what my pets would 'tell' about us...I don't think I want to know.

Posted by: Mrs. Who at October 13, 2007 04:16 PM

Oh very cool!

Posted by: Carmen at October 15, 2007 10:29 AM

I'm envious! I'd love to get The Boo and Darla read.

I took Darla to a pet intuitive, but I don't think she was reading the right dog. But she did say that Darla has abandonment fear and that she's not sure this is her "forever home". Ever since then, I've taken to calling Darla "My Forever Girl" and this is her "forever home" at every opportunity, to try and make sure it gets through.

I agree, you have to take them with a grain a salt, but I think it can be a very enlightening experience.

I'm so glad you got Maggie read. Hope Lance can be done next, love to know what he's got to say. (And wouldn't it be funny if he said, "Can you get my sister to give me some space?" lol)

Posted by: Lee Ann at October 16, 2007 03:36 PM