October 10, 2007

GOP Debate

I watched the first hour of the GOP debate yesterday, my thoughts ..

Ron Paul - That man scared the crap out of me. First, he does not talk, he yells, everything. And that man is no more a republican then Hillary is, he stopped just short of touting the dumocratic line about pulling out of Iraq immediately. Ron Paul is the republican's version of Howard Dean.

John McCain - He impressed me and that surprised me.

Mitt Romney - Pretty boy, but don't think he could be a president. Don't think he has what it really takes. Although I did roll on the floor when he mentioned that he was worried about coming to the debate because he thought Michigan's Governor Granholm would tax the debate too.

Guiliani - I am just not sure about him, I have heard about his dumocratic leanings during his reign as mayor but he says things differently now. Is he just blowing smoke up our ass to get the votes (ala Hillary) or has he changed?

Tancredo / Brownback - I really like these guys and would support them but neither has a snowballs chance in hell of getting the nomination.

Thompson - He was a better candidate before he got in the race. He is really disappointing me. He looked so unsure of himself speaking and that senior moment where he stopped talking in the middle of a sentence freaked me out. He just doesn't look as strong as Rudy.

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I'm scared.

Posted by: pam at October 10, 2007 10:12 AM