September 25, 2007

GM UAW Workers Refuse to Roll Over

Most people think that the UAW workers have no right to strike, make to much money, blah blah blah.

But you know, this strike is about standing up for your job, showing the big executives that you refuse to roll over under the propoganda that they are spewing.

The UAW refuses to negotiate in the media, but the executives have been doing that since opening negotiations. The big 3 continue to spew out information, blaming the workers and their salaries for the mess they are in and people outside are laping it up like puppies.

The UAW opened their contracts last year and gave up concessions, but you didn't hear anything about that. The UAW is working hand in hand with the big 3 and has improve quality so that the big 3 is even and in a lot of cases better then the Japanese. The UAW has worked with the big 3 to improve the time it takes to make a vehicle and in most cases now is even better in timing to make comparable vehicles to the japanese.

But all you hear about is the UAW wages, which are comparable with the Japanese.

The big 3 want huge wage cuts so they can be "competitive". If you want to know what happens when employees take wage cuts just look at Delphi and Northwest, the executives get huge raises for congratulations on getting the employees to take wage cuts.

The UAW is standing up for what they believe in and to show the big 3 that they shouldn't be throwing stones in their glass houses.

The big 3 had cut R&D for so long and have hardly any new models out that people don't want to guy their cars, that is the biggest reason why they are doing so bad.

"I've seen what happens when management takes too much of an upper hand and workers can't stand up for themselves," he said. "My job security and my family's security is at stake here. We have to draw a line somewhere and we think we've found it."

"We've really gotten slammed again," said Mike Thomas, an electrician at the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant. "It goes on and on. They want to keep us workers for third-world wages. What we want here is accountability and fairness. It's our future."

"That's why we got to stand up. If not the UAW, then who will stand up for the middle class? If GM thought we were going to roll over, they were so mistaken," Ade said.

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