August 20, 2007

May You Rot In Hell

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has agreed to plead guilty in a U.S. dog-fighting case that could wreck the star's football career, his attorney told Reuters on Monday.

Attorney Thomas Shuttleworth said Vick has reached a deal with prosecutors and will plead guilty in the case that has attracted worldwide attention.

You know the only reason he agreed to a plea-bargin is due to his other cronies turning over like a dog on him.

May you rot in hell Vick.

Posted by Quality Weenie at August 20, 2007 02:05 PM | TrackBack

I think his punishment should be putting him and another guy his build and fitness into a ring. They fight to the death. The loser is killed, anyway, because he's not 'worthy breeding stock'.

This should happen until he's the loser.

Posted by: pam at August 20, 2007 04:23 PM