July 07, 2007

Thunder Over Michigan

Every year around this time we have an Air Show over at Willow Run Airport. I have mentioned before that I am about 4 miles as the crow flys from the airport.

Well this year, for the first time in nearly a decade the Blue Angles are in the airshow again.

Yesterday hubby was home during the day on a forced shutdown and they fly over the house.

His exact words: "They came screaming over the house, hauling ass. I have never seen something go so fast in my life"

They were practicing a little after I got home from work and they came screaming over the house again. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera handy, but I did get a couple of them pretty close to the house.

The shows are today and tomorrow, I will be outside today watching the show hoping they come screaming and hauling ass over our house again.

Just a little sample of me sitting on the grass in our yard watching them pratice.

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Posted by Quality Weenie at July 7, 2007 12:00 PM | TrackBack

I love the Blue Angels! The school where I teach is near their home base, so we get to see them practice frequently. When we hear them fly over, I ask my students, 'Class, what's that sound?' and they reply, 'The sound of freedom!'

Posted by: Mrs. Who at July 7, 2007 12:21 PM