June 28, 2007

China Thinks We Are Stupid

It is time to start holding Foreign companies that import defective product
into the U.S responsible for their actions.

And just because they go through and American company they should still
ultimately be held responsible.

Because next time instead of thousands of pets dying it could be people.

The New Jersey tire distributor which has acknowledged that up to 450,000 tires it purchased from a Chinese company are defective said it doesn’t have enough money to conduct a voluntary recall.

In a letter to federal regulators dated June 11, Foreign Tire Sales
Inc. of Union, N.J., told officials at the National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration (NHTSA) that it was “not in a position” to
conduct a recall.

The American company that imports these defective Chinese tires are saying
they can not pay for the recall, so does this mean the up to 1 million
tires that have been imported in are not going to be replaced? People
can't afford to go pay another $400 for a set of tires, so they won't replace
them and that means they will still be on the road, which is a disaster
waiting to happen.

FTS officials say Hangzhou Zhongce has failed to provide information that would allow FTS to determine exactly how many tires, and which batches, have the problem, according to a filing with NHTSA.

I would have to say that the U.S. is also at fault for this, how can the U.S.
allow imports into this country without being able to trackback to production
dates or lots?

FTS on May 31 sued Hangzhou in U.S. District Court in Newark, charging that its tests found that the tires may fail earlier than those originally provided by Hangzhou, and that a recall would put FTS out of business. The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages and an injunction that would bar Hangzhou products from being imported.

The lawsuit was reported Monday by the Wall Street Journal.

Officials at the Chinese manufacturer reject FTS’s claims about tread

“We have not found the faults cited by FTS,” said Hangzhou Zhongce
officials in a written statement. “We believe this is merely an
effort by FTS Co. to stir up a fuss due to this lawsuit.”

FTS said it became concerned about Hangzhou tires in October 2005
amid an increase in warranty claims and began talks with the Chinese
company, and then commissioned its own tests.

Why the hell is the NHTSA is letting the Chinese get away with this, why
are they not demanding the Chinese maker put up or shut up? Testing has
been done showing that the strip is missing, which the Chinese have admitted
to not putting in to make more of a profit. And now they are denying anything
is wrong with their product when testing has been done and has shown the
saftey strip to be missing. The Chinese like we are stupid.

They also admitted to putting melamine in the dog food to make the protein
appear greater then it really was.

I am not kidding when I say the Chinese are out to kill us, they are posioning
our pets on purpose, eliminating saftey features, using outlawed paint on
kids toys.


The Hangzhou tire case is the latest scandal involving the importation of Chinese products to the United States in recent months. Earlier this year, tainted pet food, lead-coated children’s toys and toxic toothpaste imported from China were found to be defective. According to the New York Times, Chinese products now make up about 60% of products that are recalled.(emphais mine)

60% of everything from China is being recalled, 60 PERCENT.

People this is an epidemic, don't be complacent on this. Demand that
China be held responsible for their actions. Demand rules and regulations
for their products, demand that incoming product be inspected for safety
before being allowed to be sold to consumers.

Because the next thing you buy that says "Made in China" could kill you.

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SIXTY PERCENT??!?!? They really ARE trying to kill us, aren't they? Gak.

Posted by: pam at June 28, 2007 09:39 AM