April 20, 2007

Boycott China Goods

In reading about all these dog food recalls, especially now that our brand of dog food is involved I think America needs to start boycotting any food items (in the least) that comes from China.

by Robert Jay Russell, Ph.D. April 18th, 2007.

The news of an ever-expanding, poisoned food supply is coming in faster than we can report. It appears now that several Chinese food exporting companies have been adding melamine to the processed grain products exported to Europe, Africa and the United States. I suspect that the melamine increases the concentration of N2 (nitrogen) in the product, leading those who test the product to conclude, erroneously, that the shipment is properly rich in protein. It is a case of doping a product to mislead quality assurance tests that results in death and debilitation of a unprecedented scale. All mammalian kidneys -- ours as well as our pets -- can potentially be destroyed by melamine crystals that clog the fine tubules that are the functional units of kidneys.

While wheat products of any kind from China should be avoided, now we learn that so should any form of rice product (e.g., "rice protein concentrate," "rice flour" or some such).....

Dr. Russell concludes:
Because we simply are not being told where Chinese produced protein concentrates are going in the world food supply, we must conclude it is prudent to avoid them all. These include WHEAT, CORN AND RICE products. And note that the protein/gluten concentrates are HUMAN FOOD GRADE and there is no reason to assume that these shipments are exclusively being used for pet foods.

Folks, the Chinese are putting it in their on purpose. Oh it doesn't sound like for evil purposes but to make them look better. They have killed 5000 plus animals (the media isn't reporting the real numbers being reported to the FDA) to make their wheat and rice have better protein numbers.

And guess what folks, the Chinese will not allow anyone into their plants to do inspections.

In the meeting, Durbin and DeLauro learned that the Chinese Government has blocked requests from the FDA to send personnel to China to inspect the facilities suspected of producing the contaminated products. The FDA first contacted the Chinese Government on April 4, 2007, but have not been granted permission to send food inspectors into the country

They are denying requests. God only knows what else they are hiding.

We should be very afraid because Natural Balance only uses HUMAN GRADE FOOD to make their pet foods. They pride themselves on literally eating their own canned dog food. Because both their dry and wet food are made from HUMAN GRADE FOOD.

HUMAN GRADE FOOD, which means they are using the same rice that we eat.

WAKE UP PEOPLE, we could be next

And now pet foods are being recalled with Corn Gluetin for the same problem.

Posted by Quality Weenie at April 20, 2007 08:16 AM | TrackBack

Don't we have enough farmlands here in the States to provide our own products? Why in hell are we buying from China?

Posted by: Mrs. Who at April 22, 2007 08:00 PM

I'd LOVE to boycott their goods, but the rice/wheat/corn proteins and glutens are imported by companies here in the U.S. and then sold across the country to companies to make -I don't want to think about how many products!
I now read the labels on EVERYthing before I buy/eat it... :(

On the other hand, my Nikes say 'Made in China' and though it would difficult, I could stop buying them and anything else made there... as long as I could tell, ya know?

Posted by: pam at April 23, 2007 12:27 PM