April 17, 2007

This Week Isn't Starting Off Very Good-UPdated

I have been safe from all the dog food recall stuff as we use a very good brand that doesnt contain wheat (or corn or fillers, etc).

We use Natural Balance, the Venison and Brown Rice formula as Lance as allergies to Chicken ...

And then yesterday I read this

NOTICE: We are receiving consumer complaints regarding the Venison & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food, and Venison & Green Pea Dry Cat Foods. We do not know what is wrong with the food at this time, but we have heard that animals are vomiting and experiencing kidney problems. Although the problems seem to be focused on one particular lot, as a precautionary measure, we are pulling all dates of Venison & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food and Venison & Green Pea Dry Cat Food from the shelves.

Please discontinue feeding all Venison and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food, and Venison and Green Pea Dry Cat Food.

We are working closely with the FDA.
We will update this website today, as more information comes available.

Great, just great ....

I am reading sites and there is just mass histeria of what the cause is and now I am freaking out ...

They say it's only the Sept / Oct 08 best use by dates (our bag is July 08 use by) but they have pulled all dates of the Venison/Brown Rice bags off the shelf.

So I had to go buy a different verson, got the Duck/Potato flavor ...

Hope it is ok and they don't decide to recall that flavor also. I am hearing that it could be contaiminated Vension (they get it from New Zealand).

The puppies are going into the Vet in 2 weeks anyway for their yearly check-up so I will have them test the puppies for problems.

It was the rice ...

Natural Balance Pet Foods said Tuesday it found melamine in two of its pet food products, which the company has recalled. Melamine is the chemical suspected of causing pet deaths and illnesses related to the Menu Foods recall, covering more than 60 million cans and pouches of wet dog and cat food from dozens of brands the past four weeks.

But Natural Balance doesn't use wheat gluten, the ingredient contaminated with melamine in the Menu recall. Instead, it suspects that melamine was in a rice protein concentrate, a new ingredient used in the dry foods, said Natural Balance president Joey Herrick. "That was the only change in the product," he says.

Posted by Quality Weenie at April 17, 2007 01:22 PM | TrackBack

I'm in the same boat - just finished a big bag with the July date. They seem fine, though one of them was drinking and peeing a little more than usual. Who knows why that is. It seems that the reaction is acute - vomiting and kidney stress. So I'm hoping that their seemingly good health is real.

I switched to Canidae lamb and rice. I don't trust any pet food company anymore, but many people seem convinced by this one, so I'll try it. I'm very close to making my own food. I don't really want to, but I'll do it if necessary.

Good luck!

Posted by: Regina at April 17, 2007 02:51 PM

I just don't get it. What's with all this gourmet dog food stuff? I feed my dogs... Purina Dog Chow. I fed my last one that and he lived about 13 years. That's ol' timer for a boxer now. They don't bitch about eatin' it, hell, they actually like it I think. I throw a raw egg each of their bowls 'bout once a week, just to keep the egg suckin' dog part of 'em alive, and to make their coats nice. Hell, If I'm gettin' all cholesteroled up, they might as well too.

Anyway, I hope your varmits are alright and they didn't get any bad rice, or venison. They don't look like deer dogs to me, but whatever...

Posted by: RedNeck at April 19, 2007 08:26 AM

I'm with you...I keep reading and watching and so far none of our brands have popped up on the lists...but, I just got new kibble for the cat (she'll be 16 in June) and since she started eating it (2 days now), she's not quite as perky.

I'm tossing the sucker and getting something else. It's just not worth the risk.

I'm betting they'll have tougher quality standards (like Tylenol after the poising incident in the 80's) to meet and follow through with. No one wants to go through this again!

Posted by: Lee Ann at April 19, 2007 09:20 AM