March 20, 2007

Gardasil Mandatory In Michigan?

Not yet, but they are throwing up a second bill to try to get it pushed through. The first one failed because they were not allowing exceptions.

I have been looking into Gardasil just to see what it is about. I am not for it and here is why

1 - Testing was only done on 25,000 with only 250 of them being 9 years of age. That is not a huge study compared to the population that they want to give this to.

2 - It was not tested on anyone outside the age range of 9-26 years of age. That is important because ...

3 - It only lasts for 4 years. So every 4 years you need to be re-vaccinated? The testing never said anything about re-vaccinating. So once you hit 26, when you are your most sexually active you can't have it? And that is one thing I never read about in newspaper articles.

4 - It only protects against 70% of Cervical cancer causes.

Gardisal only protects those that don't have the HPV virus already. So truely the only ones they can potentially save are young ones.

And how many parents are going to go in every 4 years to re-vaccinate? How many 18 + year olds are going to go in and get re-vaccinated?

I don't trust it yet and from the article in the newspaper here alot of parents don't trust it yet either.

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