March 15, 2007

Ford Trucks Build Toyota Commericals

Would could be more hilarious then seeing Ford Trucks in the background of a Toyota Commerical set?

It's one of the most dramatic commercials for Toyota Motor Co.'s redesigned Tundra pickup. A truck drives up a steep seesaw, towing a heavy load and is able to stop on the way down, despite the extra weight.

Toyota is so proud of the commercial that it posted behind-the-scenes footage on its Web site.

That's where eagle-eyed Ford Motor Co. fans noticed something.

Trucks seen in the background of the job site, used by workers to build the massive commercial set, are Fords.

The first truck visible in the video is a Ranger pickup with a camper shell on it. The next is a Louisville-built F-Series Super Duty truck.

As the video's director watches to see if the Tundra will be able to stop, the truck in the background is another Super Duty.

"It doesn't surprise us," Ford spokesman Wes Sherwood said. "It's another example of how Ford trucks are ingrained into every work site in America."

Toyota officials did not return calls seeking comment.

See the commerical for yourself

Hey, Ford Trucks, Built Tough!

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