February 28, 2007

Goberment Forces More Regulations

The Government is trying to force more regulations onto sane people or stupid peoples actions.

In a bid to keep children safer, automakers could be forced to install rear-view cameras and power windows that automatically reverse under a bill to be introduced today.

And you will never guess who is leading the push ...

The Cameron Gulbransen Kids and Cars Safety Act -- which U.S. Sens. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., and John Sununu, R-N.H., will introduce at a news conference today
Nearly every other day, a child dies in the United States from a completely preventable tragedy -- backed over by a driver who could not see behind (the) vehicle, strangled in a power window or killed when an automobile inadvertently shifts into gear," Clinton said on the Senate floor in December. The bill "will help to ensure that America's cars (are) properly equipped to prevent these tragedies from happening." (emphasis mine)

I would really like to know where she is getting her information, because if it really was that much of a tragedy, a kid getting killed by a power window or being run over while someone is backing up you would have heard it about it a lot more than we do.

And what you may ask are they basing the power windows killing kids on?

In December, a 3-year-old girl was killed in a Pontiac Vibe in Detroit when she was caught in a window that rolled up and strangled her.

They are basing it on an instance in which the driver, the kids grandmother, was at fault for the whole thing.

And then we get this stupid quote ...

"If automakers can add heated seats and chilled cupholders then they can afford to save kids' lives," said Janette E. Fennell, founder and president of the advocacy group Kids and Cars,
"The answer is not, 'Let's just keep blaming the parents,' " Campbell said Monday.

So lets make sure the parents are more not responsible for the actions of themselves and their kids. Lets take responsibility for ensuring that parents don't have to teach their kids not to touch the car and make the automakers responsible for teaching kids that.

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