February 14, 2007

Chicken Little Ain't Got Nothin On Our Weathermen - Updated

Since Monday all the weatherman in our area has talked about was the "big" winter storm that was coming.

Monday they were talking of timelines of when the storm would hit and snowfall amounts.

Tuesday morning the timelines changed a little and snowfall amounts were increased to 10 inches of snow for our area (up from 6 inches).

Wake up this morning and we are lucky if we have 3 inches outside.

Nothing like insiteing riots at Home Depot about all the snow we were suppose to get. Home Depot reported they sold out of snowblowers ,shovels and ice.

Bet today they have a crap load of snowblower returns.

UPDATE - The offical totals say 5-7 inches. Hard to tell because of the wind blowing and creating drifts and bare spots but could be possible.

Just got in from doing the snowblowing and I can't feel most of my fingers (wind chill -3 degrees). My nose was running and when I would cough outside I would have snot bubbles come out from my nose. I was a pretty site! Why oh why did I insist that our new snowblower (it's 3 years old now) have an electric start so I could "do the snow" if I had to. I can't do a pull start but I can do an electric start. Of course with the snow blowing like it is out there it kept blowing back into my face.

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