February 02, 2007

Mike Illitch Rocks!

Mike Illitch is the owner of the Little Caesars Empire. He is also one hell of a human being, the nicest guy you could ever meet.

My sister use to work for the Little Caesars Empire has an Accountant and dealt with Mr Illitch on a daily basis and said he is a great man who cares about everybody. In fact the day that Little Caesars laid off a bunch of employees at their warehouse facilities he had a heart attack.

I saw this today ...

One solider is battling back -- his body is broken, but his spirit is very much alive. Robbie Doughty, 31, was honorably discharged from the army in 2004 after losing both of his legs in an Iraqi bomb side explosion.

Little Caesars Pizza chain owner Mike Illitch called Doughty and offered him an opportunity to open his own Little Caesar's franchise.

Doughty isn't the only one ...

To provide honorably discharged veterans with a business opportunity when they transition to civilian life or seek a career change, and thank them for the sacrifices they and their families made for our country

The Little Caesars Veterans Program provides honorably discharged and disabled service members with an outstanding opportunity to utilize their leadership skills to run a business. The significant credits and discounts, as well as special financing options, make this truly unique program a valuable and excellent option for our service members who transition to the civilian workforce each year - especially our wounded warriors who have sacrificed greatly for our Corps and country. Lt. Col. Francis Piccoli, U.S. Marine Corps

Remember this story this weekend as you go get your pizza's for the Big Game.

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