January 22, 2007

UAW Builds Up Strike Fund

The United Auto Workers has amassed a war chest worth nearly $900 million and is keeping a grip on spending as the union and Detroit automakers brace for what promises to be some of the toughest contract talks ever.

The UAW contracts with the Big 3 all end in September, with contract talks usually starting in August.

It is going to be a nasty fight between the UAW and the Auto Makers this year. Mr Weenie and I are already adjusting our spending and saving more than usual because we know a strike is more likely to happen then it's not.

The UAW members are not going to give up much and the Auto Makers are already insisting that they give up alot.

The UAW members are not willing to give up much because we daily hear of the extravagence that the executives spending and there outrageous salaries. Salaries that are not earned since they are the ones that made the decisions to put the companies in the positions that they are currently in.

It's going to be an interesting Fall this year. Just hope I get a job soon to build up our "war" chest.

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