August 01, 2006

Celebrities Living In Weenieville

We went out to breakfast Sunday morning as we usually do but instead of going to our usual coney place we went to Bob Evans (change of pace). As we were walking in, he was walking out.

Mr Weenie "Isn't that Gettelfinger"
QW "It sure looks like him"
Mr Weenie "I am positive it's him"
Mr Weenie "I had heard he lives around here"
QW "Well lets check Weenievilles website when we get home"

Weenieville has tax assessments on their website, which means you can look up anyone by address or name that has bought a house in Weenieville.

So we get home and I go onto the website and look up his name, and not only goes Gettelfinger live in Weeniville he lives in our hood. Just around the corner from us, huh, who knew that the top guy at the UAW lives just around the corner from us.

Mr Weenie has been warned not to go over and give Gettelfinger his "ideas".

On another "celebrity" siting note, this Detroit Tigers Pitcher, Nate Robertson, lives 4 houses down from my FIL. FIL lives in the hood next to our hood here in Weenieville.

Weenieville is just the hot spot for minor celebrities it seems!

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You know, working in the Theatre District in Manhattan you'd be surprised at how many celebs I run into. Especially when I go out ultra early on Wednesdays to get my lunch before the theater matinee mob comes in.

Oh, the sightings and the stories I could tell you. Like on the corner from work I ran into Lilly Tomline. Yes, literally ran into her 'cause I was rushing to catch my bus. She parted the sea (of people) it was truly funny to see the power of celebrity.

Of course I apologized profusely for a bit and then told her I truly missed Emily Litella. She laughed and said she does too sometimes.

Sigh! Such talent not in use, pity really.

I've been thinking of doing a celebrity sighting post whenever I run into one but then said nah! as they have very little relevance or importance in my life. Now Gettelfinger is another story, but then again I'm a political junkie.

Posted by: Michele at August 1, 2006 08:31 PM