July 27, 2006

Republicans VS. Democrats And Car Choices

Ever wonder if Republican and Democrats have similar car choices? Well someone actually did a study and The Car Connection has the results.

A couple of recent surveys of new vehicle buyers on one hand, and potential voters on the other, matched their political leanings to their choices of wheels. In some respects the results were as expected, but there were also surprises.

For example, the coastal states whether northeastern or western tend to be Democratic Blue and also are known for popularity of import brand cars. Red Republicans in the flyover country in between prefer domestics. But overall, choices between imports and domestics were split right down the middle just like the voters lately.

In a survey of 64,000 new light vehicle buyers, CNW Marketing Research found 29.7 percent self-identified themselves as Republicans, versus 28.7 percent Democrats and 41.6 percent independents. Among car buyers only, the skew was to imports, 30.7 percent to 26.9 percent, i.e., truckers are more likely GOP adherents.

But in a survey of 800 Michigan voters, a Detroit Free Press-Channel 4 study found foreign brands owned 18 percent by Democrats, versus only 13 percent Republicans and Independents. The bulk of foreign-car owning Michigan Dems, it should be noted, were in the western part of the state, away from auto-plant territory. (The two surveys aren't comparable since many of the respondents to the newspaper survey owned more than one vehicle.)

In CNW's survey, the reddest volume vehicle was the Mercury Grand Marquis, with 58.2 percent of buyers declaring Republican their preference. The bluest of Democrat wheels, getting 48.3 percent of the nod, was a sleeper: the VW Touareg SUV. And the car with the highest percentage declaring their Independence? The Scion tC, with 77.3 percent. There also were a number whose new owners declared themselves 100 percent Independent - but I suspect either a very low sample size or an error, since many were of discontinued models.

Posted by Quality Weenie at July 27, 2006 07:04 AM | TrackBack

This is a hard story to follow. Okay, so I'm so Republican that I think about that damn' pinko Ronald Reagan and we own two domostic cars, or do we? My Chrysler PT Cruiser was assembled in Mexico, I didn't know that until I had it home.
Where was our Chrysler Town and Country assembled?
Where were the various parts built?
There is no such thing as a domestic car built these days.Nor much in the way of foreign cars, either, not with Toyota and BMW plants sprung up all over.

Posted by: Peter at July 27, 2006 09:33 AM

Well now, I guess your going to get my opinion on that! ;)

Domestics (Ford, GM) profits stay in the US as their true HQ's are in the US. Domestics also for every 1 employee they employ, they create 5 other jobs here in the US. Domestics also primarily use Domestic suppliers (money and profits stay here in the US).

Foreigns (Asian, European) profits go back to their country as there true HQ's are not in the US. Foreigns also for every 1 employee they employ only create 2 other jobs here in the US. Foreigns also primarily use Foreign suppliers (money and profits that are not in the US).

So while your car maybe built in Mexico and some parts from Foreign countries you are still helping the US by buying your Domestic vehicle. By buying Foreign vehicles you are basically not allowing US citizens to work.

Yes, I have very strong feelings about buying American Cars from American Automobile makers as 80% of the people in Michigan are very dependant on that industry. I have to support the industry that puts food on my plate and a roof over my head.

Everyone can argue all they want with my opinion but it will not be changed.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at July 27, 2006 09:49 AM

I agree with you QW, my income is highly dependent on the auto industry due to my family owning an auto dealership! It's sad that so many cars and trucks and related components aren't all built in the States any longer. All the car companies care about is the bottom line: "Profit".

They don't seem to care about Americans losing they're homes and more due to outsourcing and other issues that cost workers they're jobs. I am annoyed to see so many foreign cars and trucks in Michigan, especially here in the Detroit area.... It's shameful.

Posted by: John at July 27, 2006 10:59 AM

You know I have at times wondered about this. I knew if I waited long enough someone would do a study. After all the demographics are there and easily measurable.

As for the domestic cars, Ford is doing an incredible job with PR, trying to turn it's image and the company around. I was really impressed with the latest online video ads that are pseudo documentaries. Very impressed indeed!

Posted by: Michele at July 27, 2006 08:02 PM