July 21, 2006

JD Power Customer Service Index

JD Power came out with its Customer Service Index. It measures Customer Service within the first 3 years of owernership. The American Auto Companies did extremely well, so you probably won't hear or see this in the news.

J.D. Power's annual Customer Service Index has once again elevated Toyota's Lexus brand to the top slot. The Lexus brand scored 912 points on a scale of 1000 when ranked in customer service in the first three years of ownership, in areas such as service experiences and quality.

Power's CSI survey, in its 26th year, measures customer satisfaction on the following points: service initiation, service advisor, in-dealership experience, service delivery, service quality and user-friendly service. The marketing analysis company says that customers who are satisfied with their vehicle's service are far more likely to return to the same brand and dealer for another vehicle. Nearly 80,000 vehicle owners and lessees of 2003 to 2005 model-year vehicles were surveyed for the study.

The list:

Lexus - 912
Buick - 911
Cadillac - 909
Jaguar - 908
Lincoln - 906
Mercury - 905
Saturn - 904
Pontiac - 903
Audi / Mini / Volvo - 890
Industry Avg - 873
Mercedes-Benz - 872
Ford - 855
Toyota - 851
Nissan - 849
Volkswagon - 810

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