July 19, 2006

Toyota Are Not Media Darlings Anymore

Boy Toyota must have lost favor with the media, because the media is just beating the hell out of Toyota right now. I actually heard about this recall on our local news last night.

Recalls Zap Toyota Again

Toyota's latest recall will include the previous-generation Prius and former Echo. The recall, which involves about 450,000 vehicles worldwide, stems from a defective crankshaft position sensor that could lead to a vehicle that will not restart. About 34,700 of the affected vehicles were sold in the U.S.; only vehicles manufactured in 2001 are affected. Replacement of the sensor will be done for free at Toyota dealers. Toyota has been involved in a string of recalls, from Japanese-market Hilux models to several Lexus vehicles sold in the U.S.

Hattip: The Car Connection and The Detroit News

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