July 13, 2006

More Asian Recalls

Continuing with the theme from yesterdays post about the beginning of Toyota's downfall. Have you noticed that there are more and more recalls for the asian companies lately? Well ok, you might not have noticed because they have never been talked about openly by the media in the past but there are a lot more recalls these days for asian companies then there have been in the past.

Mark my words, the asian automakers are starting down the path of destruction and if they don't grab hold of this fact soon they will end up where GM is now within the next 10 years.

Toyota Motor Corp. said Wednesday it was recalling 367,500 Toyota and Lexus sport utility vehicles in the United States because a piece in the front console area could come loose and interfere with the gas pedal.

In a separate announcement, Nissan North America Inc. said it would recall 200,000 Altima and Sentra sedans from the 2003 model year to fix a faulty sensor that can cause the engine to shut down in routine traffic.

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