June 28, 2006

Supreme Court To Rule On Emissions

Supreme Court Takes Up Emissions

Global warming will become a legal issue before the Supreme Court this year, as the judges have decided to hear a case that pits the Bush Administration against environmental groups. The court will hear a case filed by California and ten other states, which charges that the Environmental Protection Agency must treat carbon dioxide as a pollutant and must regulate emissions in cars as a result. A ruling in favor of the states could push automakers to offer far more alternative-fuel and smaller vehicles. The court will hear the case in the fall and rule by next summer.

I can not believe how dangerous this is going to be. The Supreme Court to rule on emissions and possibly forcing automotive makers to bow down to the envirowakos to only make electric and small cars. Nothing like taking away my freedom to drive something I don't want to drive.

Again I state, automobiles only make-up 10% of all carbon dioxide in the air. Manufacturing plants make more, but they are not being regulated by the Supreme Court.

I would like to know who the envirowakos paid off to get their case to the Supreme court.

This is so bad, it's actually scaring me. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the envirowakos I can only imagine what kind of unholy doors that ruling would open.

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