June 26, 2006

North Korea Can Kiss Our Ass

Or least our missles will kick their missles ass.

My BIL works for Lockhead Martin and is very involved in this program. He's been in Hawaii for 3 weeks getting ready for this test.

A Navy Standard Missile-3 shot down the warhead portion of a two-stage target rocket fired Thursday from the Pacific Missile Range Facility on West Kauai. It was the seventh actual hit in eight tries for the sea-based anti-ballistic missile defense program.

The Kauai test is part of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense Program and had been scheduled for months; its timing is not related to any developments in North Korea, Missile Defense Agency spokesman Chris Taylor said. But reports of a possible test launch by the reclusive nation have focused new attention on the U.S. missile defense effort.

In the June 22 test, a target rocket was fired about noon from the Kauai missile range. Two minutes later, the Aegis-class cruiser Shiloh had detected the launch and launched its interceptor. The missile defense system tracked the target, and the Standard Missile’s warhead crashed into the target warhead four minutes after it left Kauai. The impact occurred about 100 miles high and 250 miles northwest of Kauai.

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