June 21, 2006

My Congressman Kicks Ass!

I have been emailing my Congressman and Senetors for a few years now as the need arose, and a lot more lately.

The only one to actually answer, every.single.time I wrote was my Congressman.

I also get snail mail updates from him and returnable post cards asking our (his constituites) opinions on matters.

He's matched all my opinions on everything of importance lately, immigration and Iraq war.

Was just at his website looking to see if he had anything additional to say about the Amnesty bill that just got to Congress.

Looking around I found this, he was commenting on H. Res 861

“The House must not parse and equivocate in its statements regarding the War on Terror,” said McCotter, who was particularly disturbed the resolution termed terrorists our “adversary” rather than our “enemy.” “In the Cold War, President Reagan had the moral courage to call communist Russia an ‘evil empire.’ In the War on Terror, the U.S. House must have the moral courage to call Al Qaeda our enemy,” he said.

McCotter then added a final, cautionary note: “Remember: unlike most, the enemy will read this resolution. It had to more surely and strongly tell our enemy we are going to annihilate him and win.”

Yea, my Congressman kicks ass!

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