May 25, 2006

Goberment Should Be Responsible For Illegal Drugs

I have a feeling that this is going to become a not so future lawsuit lottery case. The mother is blaiming the county for not putting out flyers soon enough to save her sons life. What the mother is avoiding saying is that her son died from a HEROIN overdose.

Hey lady, maybe if your son wasn't injecting ILLEGAL drugs this wouldn't have happened to him. The key word being ILLEGAL drugs, HEROIN.

When Justin Wortmann's life ended in December in a White Castle parking lot after he took a dose of heroin, it was a silent warning about an unprecedented crisis now bubbling over in metro Detroit.

His mother, Janice Wortmann of Plymouth Township, learned from autopsy results 8 weeks later that the killer actually was a drug called fentanyl. She called police in Taylor, where her son died Dec. 27.

"The detective told me they didn't have the manpower to look for a dealer, that they were on every street corner," she said.

Police responded that they tried, to no avail.

Again the key words being ILLEGAL and HEROIN.

Wortmann, 47, wonders whether the death of her 26-year-old son could have been prevented.

"Maybe if they took me seriously they could have gone to the source," Wortmann said Wednesday. "Maybe this wouldn't be happening now."

Like they know the source of where he bought his ILLEGAL drugs. If they knew that don't you think this person would have already been arrested?

The deaths are becoming an epidemic around Metro Detroit.

Local toxicologists say they've seen a steady increase in fentanyl-related deaths since last fall, but nothing prepared them for the jump that began last week: At least 23 people have died in Wayne County since May 18 from what investigators believe was a lethal combination of heroin or cocaine and fentanyl, a prescription painkiller typically given to terminally ill patients for pain.

Workers are distributing flyers in areas known to be frequented by drug users that warn of the dangers of using heroin or cocaine laced with fentanyl, which they might not be aware they are buying.

Again, these people are taking ILLEGAL drugs. This isn't something that is approved and manufacturing watched over by the FDA.

Janice Wortmann, whose son died in December, said she has relived the loss because of the deaths in the past week.

"This should not be happening at all. It shouldn't have happened to my son," she said. "I know exactly what these parents are going through."

Last night on the news she said that if they had put flyers up earlier her son would have seen them and then he wouldn't have done the HEROIN. She also stated that she is holding the county responsible for not warning people who do HEROIN about this problem. The statements that she has said just smacks of her contacting a lawyer to sue the county for allowing her son to do a deadly combination of ILLEGAL HEROIN.

Posted by Quality Weenie at May 25, 2006 07:15 AM | TrackBack

What? Heroin's dangerous? Holy crap! Are you sure? I don't think I've seen any flyers in MY town, maybe it's only dangerous in Detroit...

Posted by: Ogre at May 25, 2006 09:40 AM

Jeez! Next thing you know, they'll be saying that unprotected sex leads to pregnancy, crabs and other various unsundry illnesses. Ha! Or that if I eat at McDonalds every day of my life, gorging on double big macs, supersize fries and shakes and don't move my big butt off the living room couch, that I could get fat, develop diabetes and other health issues.

Ha ha ha...where do you come up with these silly things?

(Someone should have neutered that woman a long time ago!)

Posted by: Lee Ann at May 31, 2006 03:04 PM