April 28, 2006

Ford Shuts Down 6 Plants For Faulty Parts

Some supplier right now is literally getting their asses handed to them. Shutting down ONE assembly plant roughly costs Ford about $1 million/day. This supplier has gotten SIX assembly plants shut down and yes Ford will charge back to the supplier a hefty sum of money for the suppliers screw-up.

Oh boy, I feel for that supplier. They will not be going home today and I can safely say some probably haven't been to sleep yet since this happened Thrusday night. So that is TWO full production shifts that have been lost.

A faulty transmission part prompted the Ford Motor Co. to halt production at several plants Thursday night.

The local plants include Dearborn Truck, Michigan Truck in Wayne and the Wixom Assembly plants, Local 4 reported. Other plants affected include Kansas City Truck, Ohio Assembly and the Norfolk, Va., plants, according to the station's reports.

Production workers should not report for their day shift Friday unless told otherwise by supervisors.

Ford officials say they do not know if the bad parts made it onto vehicles already on the road, but is stopping production as a protection for its customers.

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