April 26, 2006

Toyota Recalling Brand New Camry

Toyota Recalling Camry

The newest edition of the Toyota Camry is being recalled for a problem with the transmission. The problem, Toyota says, involved only a half-percent of Camrys built thus far for the 2007 model year. The new six-speed automatic transmission could lose second and sixth gear during operation. Toyota told Reuters the vehicle still will operate even if the gears are lost, and that the problem usually happens within the first 500 miles of use.

I can guardamntee that you won't see this in any newspaper or TV news report. You think big media is biased against Iraq and the President, you haven't seen them around the American auto companies. It hatred of american auto companies pales in comparision to Iraq or the President. Someday I will have to blog on their bias.

Hattip: The Car Connection

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