April 25, 2006

Gas Hogs Still Popular Dispite Gas Prices

V-8s Still Popular Despite Gas Prices

American car buyers are choosing powerful engines in the same proportions even in these days of $3 a gallon gas, the analysts at J.D. Power report. The Power Information Network (PIN) says in the first quarter of the year, about 25 percent of all vehicles purchased in the U.S. were powered by eight-cylinder engines, roughly in line with the figures from the third quarter of 2005. At the same time, sales of six-cylinder engines have stayed steady at 40 to 42 percent of all sales, and four-cylinders have continued to account for 30 to 33 percent of all vehicle sales. "Gas prices are certainly becoming a popular dinner and water-cooler discussion topic, but consumers appear to be conditioned to prices at current levels," said Jeff Schuster, executive director of global forecasting at J.D. Power Automotive Forecasting.

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