April 10, 2006

Are You Asking People To Beat Your Child On A Daily Basis?

Oh Moses smell the roses. Gwenth Paltrow is at it again.

Moses Martin, the couple's second child, was born during the weekend in New York City, the office of Paltrow publicist Stephen Huvane said Monday. No other information was being released.

The "Shakespeare in Love" Oscar winner is 33, the British-born Coldplay rocker is 29. Their daughter, Apple, will be 2 years old on May 14.

She is just asking for her kids to have the ever living shit beat out of them day in and day out.

Posted by Quality Weenie at April 10, 2006 01:38 PM | TrackBack

I think that's a trend with the hollywood types. Name your kids something weird just to see what happens to them.

Posted by: Contagion at April 10, 2006 09:44 PM

I think they plan it that way so the kids will blame growing up as a neurotic nutcase on bullies instead of having moonbats for parents.

Posted by: Graumagus at April 11, 2006 03:36 AM