March 13, 2006

Japanese Automakers Lying About Something Else

I have posted before about Toyota and Honda artifically increasing the gas mileage reports on their vehicles, well that isn't the only thing that are fibbing about.

It turns out Toyota Motor Corp. isn't as strong as it appears in at least one area -- under the hood. Testing under stricter new horsepower standards reveals that most of the models in Toyota's lineup have less oomph than the company has advertised. Even though the engines are unchanged, the automaker had to lower the horsepower ratings on all but few 2006 Toyota, Lexus and Scion models. The reductions range from 4 to 20 horsepower compared with 2005 models.

Honda Motor Co., the No. 2 Japanese automaker, also has downgraded the horsepower ratings on several models, including most of its Acura luxury brand.

So your saying, hey what about the American automakers. I bet they are fibbing also.

But while the Japanese automakers overstated their power, an analysis of data compiled by shows domestic vehicles have generally been testing at or slightly above previously stated horsepower. The testing suggests Detroit's automakers may have suffered unfairly in the battle of perceptions.

Yep, looks like the American automakers are unfairly getting kick around again.

The Japanese automakers have been building their reputation in the last decade, but now we come to find out that it is a reputation built on lies. So what else have they lied about?

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The japs have a good reputation? Huh. I guess I missed that.

Posted by: Ogre at March 13, 2006 03:08 PM