March 08, 2006

Personality Test

Found this over at blogsis VW's of One Happy Dog Speaks.

This test is scary real.

Posted by Quality Weenie at March 8, 2006 10:09 AM | TrackBack

I'm an "encouraging director".

Scary thing is - that's spot on.....

Posted by: Tammi at March 8, 2006 01:29 PM

For a 'fun test'... it seems to be pretty accurate in some areas. Better than most I have taken.

Posted by: vw bug at March 8, 2006 02:45 PM

I got Faithful leader. It was pretty right on...

Posted by: Bou at March 8, 2006 06:01 PM

I came back with Attentive Analyst...not far off as near as I can tell. Fun though.

If you wish, you can consider this a "slutty comment". :^)

Posted by: Johnny - Oh at March 8, 2006 08:43 PM