February 23, 2006

The Therapy is Going To Cost Me A Fortune

Or Wolf Fest blogmeet.

Ok, now that everyone else has written about the blogmeet I will tell what really happened.

I got to the hotel around 2:30, having gotten done with my customer visit real early and decided to take a nap. Woke up around 4:30 thinking that I should be meeting Contagion and company soon for dinner. Yea, was I wrong on that count. By the time Contagion called I was nearly faint from the lack of food. You know Contagion there is such a thing as time zones.

So we met for dinner and don't believe the crap about me not talking much, it was from being nearly faint from starvation. Laughing Wolf joins us for dinner and the group had a pleasant time chatting, ignoring Contagion and his constant, very loud, calls to the bartender to keep em coming. As dinner was winding up LW told us that he had to leave because Tammi, T1G, Bloodsprite and Bloodspouse were probably waiting at the back door for him.


So we get directions, I show off my driving skills and we end up at an intersection not knowing where to go next because we don't have an address. It was asured to us that we couldn't get lost. Well Contagion was riding shot gun so couldn't turned into could and did. A call is placed to LW with the intersection street names and LW asks if we are in another state because he has no idea where we are and directs us to turn around and head back towards the main street and he will turn on his porch light to try and spot us. We look behind us to turn around and LW appears out of no where, no where being his house, which was right behind us. Someone needs to buy LW a map for his birthday.

We enter the house and Tammi and company are no where to be found so we catch some floor and wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. And finally they come rolling up the drive.

Tammi comes bounding in the house grabbing anyone and anything to hug as she goes. With hugs despensed they leave for a cigarette with only minutes later T1G coming back in to give me a hug saying he didn't know who I was. I can't believe he didn't recognize the boobies, I had them displayed nicely.

All of a sudden, as everyone was sitting down to chat, Contagion insists that he needs his beauty sleep and complains until we leave.

The next morning Oddy liked my driving so much that she wanted to drive with me again, so off to the battlefield we go. We arrived first with Contagion and Ktreva arriving shortly afterwards. Wes and Wife arrived shortly after them and all decided to punish me by standing out in the cold for what seemed like hours for the rest to arrive. The rest arrive, we walk out to the battlefield, short speech by LW and then to the warmth of the visitors center.

Someone decided it was time to head off to the Wolf park, so being good sheep off we went. Once at the park someone mentioned that Harvey and TNT had arrived but I didn't notice him. Tour time, LW headed the tour and what a job he did. If you go, talk LW into giving you the tour because he did an awesome job of it. I will do a seperate post abou the Wolf Park tour. By the end of the tour I was a popsicle but made it inside the building for warmth, hot cocoa and some munchies.

This quite dark haired gentleman comes up to me and gives me a hug, I was quite frightened as I didn't know who he was. Turns out it's Harvey. Now let me tell you folks, I would never in a million years think this quite, unassuming person was Harvey. I imagined that when Harvey entered a room one would definately know he came in.

We then headed out for chow! Yea, food! The bar was great, as all small bars are. There was quite a discussion about Loins going on and Ktreva got so excited that she got Oddy wet!

We then headed back to the Wolf Park for Howl Night, stopping by the gift shop before it started.

Howl night was fantastic. It was cool howling with the wolves! But what really shocked me and I can't believe that nobody mentioned it before now was that a couple of the wolves were getting it on, more than a few times. I think they knew that members of the Bad Example family were present and they were just trying to fit in.

After Howl Night we head to a tavern and ate and drank some more. The conversations were flying, beavers were nawing, beers were disappearing and Oddy was getting it on with an Wooden Indian statue.

All in all I had a great time, something that was much needed by me. Now a re-cap on the people in attendance. In order of appearnace.

Contagion - Shy my ass, christ I wish I was THAT shy. The man wouldn't shut-up, well ok he did shut-up some but that was when there was a drink at his lips. Even though he drives a Chevy he's a real sweetie and I can't wait to have another drink with him soon.

Ktreva - A real saint for putting up with Contagion and a real sweetie and a cutie! I had fun hanging with her and can't wait to talk Loins with her again, although I hope she doesn't get me wet.

Oddy - A real sweetheart and she didn't scream once while I was driving. She's also a smart one!

Laughing Wolf - Wasn't sure what to expect from someone who blogs about Wolfs as much as he does, but I am glad to have met him. His knowledge of Wolfs astounds me, I bow to you sir!

Tammi - She is everything you think she is and much much more. I love that she is a touchy feely person cause I like that. Since meeting her I can't wait to meet her again, she just leaves that kind of impression on you. She is a person that you just want to be around because she makes you feel good about yourself.

T1G - A big ol teddy bear and good hugger! I can't believe he isn't taken yet, I mean are women in Illionis blind? If I were single honey, if I were single.

Bloodsprite and Bloodspouse - Two of the most kind people I've met. I didn't get much of a chance to talk with them, which I regret, but I hope to in the future.

Wes and Wife - Again two of the most kind people I met. They are very funny too! Kept me laughing much of the day, I hope they are at future blogmeets.

TNT - I didn't get to talk with her much, but it's easy to see she is very in love with Harvey.

Harvey - Man, you blew my impression of you right out the door. I really was thinking that when Harvey came into a room everyone would know it. I imagined him sliding in loudly, being bolsterous and making himself known. Instead here is this quiet, unassuming person who talks quitely. It was an honor meeting you sir, I hope we get to sit down and chat at a future meeting.

In all, everyone made me feel welcome and at home. I am a very shy person and nobody would believe the amount of courage it took for me to attend this event. I am glad I worked up the courage to attend and actually can't wait until the next one.

Posted by Quality Weenie at February 23, 2006 03:49 PM | TrackBack

Thank you sweetie.

I'm just so very glad you made it.

But let's make a deal....next time we get together, let's make it someplace warm. 'mkay!

Posted by: Tammi at February 23, 2006 07:24 PM

In my defense I only screamed twice while you were driving!

I am so glad you had a great time, and I second Tammi's idea of having the next one somewhere warm!

Posted by: ktreva at February 23, 2006 09:37 PM

Hey, you where the one falling asleep at LW's. Oddy and Ktreva told me it was time to go, I was happy to stand talk and try to get some more of LW's Scotch!

The only time you talked was when Ktreva or Oddy pulled you into the conversation and asked direct questions! I would have, but contrary to your lies about me, I'm shy!

I can't dispute the drinking parts, I actually think you where being polite with your assessment.

It was great meeting you, I hope we get a chance to talk again.

Posted by: Contagion at February 24, 2006 08:41 AM

It was wonderful to meet you! I actually liked your driving. I would have never made it to the wolf park if I drove, I so, would have been lost, lost, lost. Thank you again for letting me hitch along and I did not tell Contagion it was time to go-naughty Contagion.

Oh, one more thing, I second your assessment of T1G! I can't believe the ladies in Illinois. If I had single friends nearby, I'd want them to date him! Such a sweetie

Posted by: oddybobo at February 24, 2006 09:00 AM

Thanks! It was great to meet you too, and now you know I don't bite (often). I'm just sorry I did not get in on all the hugs. :) Come on back down!

Posted by: Laughing Wolf at February 24, 2006 09:54 AM

You know, if you people would just drink more, it wouldn't be so cold out...

Posted by: Ogre at February 24, 2006 01:54 PM

I know I'm late - I wanted to say how sorry I am that I didn't get to the Wolf Park meet. It would have been wonderful to meet you and Oddybobo. Sounds like everyone had a terrific time!

Posted by: Teresa at February 25, 2006 04:38 PM

Machelle - once we can get you to a warm-weather blogmeet, I'll chat you up good & proper :-)

Posted by: Harvey at February 26, 2006 10:49 PM