September 12, 2005

What Was The Score

Does anybody happen to know the score of the Lions vs Green Bay Packem up and go home cause we are losers game?


Hee hee hee

FYI - This was the first game in 78 games in which Green Bay did not score a touchdown.

Farve sucks!

Posted by Quality Weenie at September 12, 2005 08:21 AM | TrackBack

Yea, it's been a while since that's happened. It was a gift to the Lions, they've been dwelling at the bottom of the rankings for so long the Packer thought they would through them something to boost their morale. :)

Posted by: Contagion at September 12, 2005 03:57 PM

I think it was Packers 24, Lions 17.

Or would've been if the Packers could go more than 2 plays without a penalty :-/

And I'll agree that Favre wasn't in the groove that day. Don't remember the last time he had that much trouble getting his long-ball within arm's reach of a receiver.

Posted by: Harvey at September 13, 2005 09:21 AM