August 12, 2005

Today in Automotive History

1908 Ford's Affordable Revolution

Henry Ford's first Model T, affectionately known as the "Tin Lizzie," rolled off the assembly line in Detroit, Michigan. The Model T revolutionized the automotive industry by providing an affordable, reliable car for the average American. Prior to the invention of the Model T, most automobiles were viewed as playthings of the rich. Ford was able to keep the price down by retaining control of all raw materials, as well as his use of new mass production methods. When it was first introduced, the "Tin Lizzie" cost only $850 and seated two people. Though the price fluctuated in the years to come, dipping as low as $290 in 1924, few other changes were ever made to the Model T. Electric lights were introduced in 1915, and an electric starter was introduced as an option in 1919. Eventually, the Model T's design stagnancy cost it its competitive edge, and Ford stopped manufacturing the "Tin Lizzie" in 1927.

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