August 24, 2004

School's out Forever School's out

School's out Forever
School's out for the Summer
School's in Session (well almost)

Next Wednesday School starts again, nope not the kiddies (don't have any of those) I'm talking about myself. Yep, I go to School. I may qualify as a professional student but I work for a living. I am starting on my 2nd year for a Masters Degree in Quality Engineering. I already have 2 Bachlor's under my belt (Yep 2). A B.S in Social Science (that's a story in itself) and a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering.

So I was thinking between today and next Wednesday I will regail you with college stories. You see, I was a wild child while staying on campus during my 1st degree. My hubby doesn't even know about some of the stuff I did and it would shock the hell out of him.

Why? Well because I'm a rather shy person, in fact in high school I was extremely shy, a wall flower who hung with other wall flowers, borderline umm unattractive to put it nicely. The one who even the "freaks" felt pitty for.

Well take that shy, unattractive girl who had a very controlling mother and let her loose on her own with others who were similiar to me and well let's say just stay out of the way and you won't get hurt.

Posted by Quality Weenie at August 24, 2004 12:52 PM