August 27, 2004

Sophmore year - Fall Semester

Sophmore year - Fall Semester

I am going to break Sophmore year into Fall/Winter semester since this was the year that started my debachery.

So September comes and we move into the Co-ed party dorm. We were very excited about this. My room was at one end of the wing and my friends were at the end of the same wing.

During move-in we noticed the cute guys in our wing. During the first couple of weeks we were getting to know everyone on the floor, both wings, and found everyone very friendly. There was a sign-up sheet for intermural softball and our floor was trying to get together a team so I signed up. One of the cute guys was the "captain" and came to tell me that actually it was only for guys but he forgot to put that on the sheet and since I was the only girl that signed up they would let me play on the team. I ended up being a pinch hitter only but always got a hit. My girls would come watch me play and cheered for the team. That is how we met "the cute guys".

By the beginning of October us girls were hanging with the guys all the time. We would eat together and watch TV together and even tailgated at the football games together. October is also when the frats started back up their $5 all you can drink parties. Through out October we would become close friends with the cute guys, we also talked them into going to the frat parties with us.

The cute guys were all 21 which means beer could be bought legally by them so that is when our real parting started. That is also when Stroh's become one of the first brewers to bring out the 30 pack, which you could pick up for $9.99.

We also learned to play Euchure. We would spend hours with most of the people on the floor playing Euchure. We eventually settled into a routine with Monday-Wednesday playing Euchure, doing homework, watching TV, stuff like that.

Thursdays was 21 night at the bars so the cute guys would go pick up girls and we would stay at the dorms with beer cute guys would buy us and it became girls drinking night. Yes when you get girls that age drinking without guys around it would get, ahm conversationally deep and erotic, enough said on that.

Friday nights were spent at the frat house parties. I remember quite a few of those parties involved kissing, quick kisses, more like dares, either girl on girl or cute guy on girl. Funny nothing else ever happened though. The cute guys would always be watching out for us at the parties, would never let us leave without them or with anybody else.

Saturdays became our Floor party night. The cute guys would go get a couple cases of Strohs and drink we did. That is usually when we caused the most trouble for the Resident Advisor (RA, kind of like the floor parent). We were also introduced to Hockey during that semster, the cute guys were fanatics and they taught us everything about the game. On Saturday nights and with enough beer, hockey would become real. Two of the cute guys would be the Samanski (sp?) twins and girlfriend and I would be Probert and Kocur (Red Wing players at the time) and we would smackdown in the hall, in the common room, dorm rooms, anywhere. We ended up breaking the glass on the fire extingusher so many times that semester they stopped putting glass back in. Someone also owned a pair of handcuffs and would randomly handcuff people together, with one time handcuffing one of the girls, drunk btw, to the door handle. The door was busy that night.

I remember Homecoming that year because a couple of the girls were drinking rum (straight) before going to a party, they split a 5th between the 2 of them. We didn't make it 10 minutes from the dorm when one passed out cold. That was a scary night because we couldn't wake her up, carried her back to the dorm, sat up with her all night, and what did we learn from that, not to drink alcohol straight in large quantities, we still drank like fish though.

Halloween is a big night at college, everyone dressed up and we would always think up a group theme. That year we were Euchure cards.

By the time Christmas break came around we could each drink a 6 pack without much effects. We all agreed Christmas break was hard because the dorms closed and we have to go home for 2 weeks, no drinking. We all had the shakes by the time we came back in January.

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