August 30, 2004

Your an Old Detroiter if...

Your an Old Detroiter if...

...You took a "moonlight cruise" to Bob-Lo with Captain Bob-Loor went to Edgewater amusement Park.
....You shopped at Hughes and Hatcher, B Siegel, Peck and Peck, Himelhoch's, Robert Hall, Crowley's, Shoppers Fair, EJ Korvettes or Federals

.....You rode the elevator at J. L. Hudson's,which was "run" by an elevator operator
.....You remember a Winkleman's and Sanders store in your neighborhood.
....You remember the "Big Snow", Buffalo Bob, Howdy Doody, Clarabelle, Phineas T.Bluster, Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring.

....You remember Twin Pines Dairy delivered milk and juice to the chute on the side of your house and Milky the Clown performed magic with the magic words "Twin Pines".
....You remember the Good Humor man in a white uniform, ringing the bells as he drove down your street.
....You remember Olympia Stadium.
You remember when Vernors was made on Woodward Ave., and a bearded troll was on the bottle.
...Your Mom got groceries at Great Scott, Food Fair, Wrigley's or Chatham

.....Your Mom saved Holden Red Stamps, S&H Green stamps, or Gold Bell Gift stamps, and you licked them into those little books
.....Kresge's and Woolworth's were "Dime Stores"
.....You had an uncle in the furniture business (Joshua Door)
.....You know who Bill Kennedy is.
....You saw the Detroit Lions play football in Tiger Stadium

.....You remember Black Bart and the Faygo song. Or how about "Which way did he go? He went for Faygo, old fashion root beer".
....You watched Rita Bell's! prize movies in the morning

.....You remember Jack LeGoff and Van Patrick
.....You remember Milky the Clown,Soupy Sales, Johnny Ginger, Poopdeck Paul, Captain Jolly, Sagebrush Shorty and maybe even Sergeant Sakto Salute.
....You visited the Wonder Bread Bakery and got to take home a mini loaf of bread.
....Your address had a two-digit "zone" before there were zip codes. Detroit 19, Michigan

....You remember "Get on the right track at 9 mile and Mack, to get the best deal in town. Roy O''s the best deal in town"
.....You remember a laundry chute and a milk chute and a coal chute
.....You remember going to Detroit Edison with your Mom to exchange burned out light bulbs for new ones.

Italiczed ones I actually remember

Damn I'm feeling old

Posted by Quality Weenie at August 30, 2004 11:24 AM